Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ghazan Zaviyar Turns 3 Next Month

Back again. Here i am, back from the ground! Apasih  entah kenapa tetiba keingat blog yang "lagi-lagi" terbengkalai setelah sekian lama nya. Too much goin on at the past, but im here with my loved one. Happy and get happier day by day. Oh dan this is you Ghazan! Your newest pics, i upload them here dengan harapan when you grow up dan terrrrnampak blog ini, boleh lah bernostalgia how were you at this time  you ll be turning 3 on this coming third of october 2016, mommy and daddy still have no plan yet on what is going to be on your day, but then, for this few days you keep singing the happy birthday song and congratulates me. Which is, mine was passed by already son! Dan secara tidak langsung pula you keep reminding us that your birthday is around the corner. No worry, mommy daddy will try to come up with something on your birthday son. Ok thats it from me. Love from us.

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  1. HBD ghazan.. dah boleh minta adek sekarang.. hihihihii hihi