Thursday, April 9, 2015

My "Someday"


So here we go, me writing down things that might not be something important for you to read to. Another me, i guess and wish, after long days away from the so called homeland. doin nothing but enjoying my moment of my present, seeing things from a different angle and perspectivesss, seeing things that im not used to see. sesuatu yang tidak biasa. Hoping that i could change the past. But then, i couldnt just do it. Hoping that i could be a better human being alive in this world than my years before. the destiny has brought me to a day called "today". what would i do then in my next sunshine? not so sure bot it. still, i wish nothing but my "very best" things do happen. do happen in my morning breeze, my sleepless night. should i stop dreaming? no. never. the stars will always be there. sometimes it fades away but then it shines. Someday. will always...Ahhh. sudahlah, post macam apa ini HAHA.
night good people out there. shine like it shines forever and ever.


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