Saturday, September 22, 2012

Perjalanan dan Waktu


I am back, back from the darkness...muahahaa -_-" basically. NO. im back here, writing some useless and meaningless story. The so called unimportant story of me, the story of a woman who got a high confident in herself and thinking that somebody gonna care all these words and read it HAHA. ok enough. -_-" even you care enough or don't, im still gonna write. :D

Bismillah, let start. first of all, thank you blog, for being here for me, no words could even describe how thankful i am for giving me a space for me to speak out. this unspoken things are just so annoy me and surely drive me mad these days. what makes you now basically are due to the journey and time that walk with you, that accompany you, that stand besides you wherever you planned to go. Its them. The journey and the time. i believe and indeed you guyz  believe it as well that they shape us, be what we wished to be, be what we don't even think wished to be, better or perhaps worse?. its do we blame them? blame them as they made us now? perhaps, if they could talk, they will just blame us back. :) they will say. " helloooo, its you, yes you, you did everything without thinking it as what it should be thought, you were out of control, you were screwed, you were the one that got no plan for your life and bla bla..." so me as the defendant might just lowered my head down referring to all the truth, fact, reality and obviousness of all those matters. yeah. it is. and yeah, reflection makes us realize everything. why people do such things to us, accept it or we will never ever learn, learn from everything near us, that's the key, take it, and unlock the hidden things in you, discover and get the positive energy, strength, potency and everything. proud of it and make best out of us.

last but not least, i do always convince myself that happiness is a choice, being what i am now is just more than just enough.



"The Happiness"

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