Friday, August 3, 2012

RIP Michi, We'll Be Missing You

It was 2nd of August, the weather was not really good at that afternoon. nothing much about the day, the mood was so-so and i was still at the office, doing some works till my younger sister alfiah poke me at Line and said that Michi act so weird due to her pregnancy, they did so panic bot that and i wasnt really taking that matters too serious till i got a call from my abah to pick him up. later, i did tell my abah bot her condition and he was suddenly so panic as how my younger sister does. i reached home around 3pm which they all got rush to bring Michi to the doctor and hoping that she'll be alright till then she got injected and back home. But then, she wasnt looking better than before, still, she was weak and not even move. Till then, it was around 4.30 and Ade (my younger sister) found him at the cage, static and still. and we were like silent for a moment looking at her and pray that she was only in her deep sleep :( my sisters were all look depressed with that and i was like only regretting for not really that care to her when she still alive. compared to my sisters and dad, they spent much times with her but not me :( time flies, nothing would change it. as what my dad said, "people could die anytime so does her (michi)" and it was it. hopefully, she'll help us in Akhirat...amin ya Rabbal Alamin... we will be missing u mich :'(

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